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Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant

We offer high quality Aloe Vera Plant of Aloe Barbedensis Miller variety along with buying and selling assistance for planting and marketing. This plant is highly demanded owing to its high medicinal value. We procure it from reliable sources assuring their purity.


  • Going upto Rs.3 Lac/crop

Planting Requirement

  • 22000-24000 Plants of Aloe Barbedensis Miller variety.

Note - Every quantity of Aloe Vera Plants is supplied by us all over India.

5 plants,10 plants, 20 plants to 1 Lac plants are supplied with ease &  buyers asking to buy small quantity are also given the same response & arrangements are made to send material upto their desired destination as per our discussion.

The Aloe Vera Plant is highly appreciated for the effects it shows in lubricating intestine, burns on skin as well in other problems. The gel obtained from Aloe Vera Plant is ideal for treating the skin and protecting it from harmful sun rays. Along with these benefits, it is also preferred to be used in healing of wounds and cuts. Along with strengthening immune system it is as well used in losing weight. Aloe Vera Plant lowers down the effect of spreading AIDS.


  • Owing to the Ayurveda effects of Aloe Vera Plant, its demand is increasing day by day. Thus, marketing of Aloe Vera Plant helps generating huge profits.
  • We completely support in marketing & provide buy back agreement also as per the project.