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Ashwagandha Seeds

Ashwagandha Seeds

Ashwagandha Seeds that we offer is also known as Withania Somnifera. We provide Ashwagandha Seeds as well as marketing support for them. The ideal plantation time of sowing Ashwagandha Seeds is in the month of September. We are one of the reliable Ashwagandha Seeds Suppliers in the field.

  • Increases
    • Strength
    • Platelet counts
    • White blood cells
    • Red blood cells
  • Lowers mental pressure
  • Used both by men and women
  • Prescribed For
    • Low libido
    • Sexual functioning
    • Nourishing body tissues
    • Chemotherapy treatment

  • From Rs.39000 – Rs.48000/acre

Cultivation Technology
  • It requires mixing of 15-20 quintal manure as well as root developing agents in soil.

  • From 140 kg to 2100 kg dry roots
  • 25 kg seed

  • 150 days-165 days from planting
  • Around Feb 15

  • Properly irrigated before sowing
  • Irrigated for 2 times
  • 30-35 days from germination
  • 60-70 days from first irrigation

Planting Requirement
  • 5-7 kg seeds for 1 acre
  • Mixing of 5 times sand quantity to seed quantity
  • Broadcasted in field
  • Nursery is prepared

Land Preparation
  • Make the land free from termites in order to get a proper yield.